Mr & Mrs Carroll, West Kirby
Dear Gary,

Just a short note of thanks for the excellent work in our new home we shall be recommending you to anyone needing a competent and tidy electrician.Pass on our thanks to Alan and Mal for there hard work.

Mr & Mrs Cooper, Wallasey
Dear Mr Flint,

In these times it can be difficult to get a contractor you can trust.After going to the Wirral Trading Standards and being given 3 electrical contractors we decided to go with your firm, and I have to say we made the right decision from the time you started to the time you finished we where never disappointed in fact you could set your clock by your electrician in the morning.I expected a lot of mess but the disturbance to our home has been minimal.I thank you and your team for the rewiring of my home you have done excellent work.

Mr & Mrs Ranson, St Helens
Dear Gary,

I am writing to thank you, Alan, Malcolm and Darren for re-wiring our house you told us that there would be a little disturbance but after you had finished we where both shocked at how little there was you would not think the house had been rewired.Before you started we had heard all sorts of horror stories of people that we knew whose homes had been devastated during rewires, We where so worried that it would be the same for us but there was no need to have worried .We both thank you all once again.

E-mail: Gary@abbeyelectricianswirral